Saturday, September 27, 2008


A blog, it's something that's been rolling around in my head for a long time now. It seems to be a very accessible way of getting word out. Or a fun way to practice writing. I often shuddered at the word "blog" because it seems like something you would say whilst regurgitating. Implying that you would recycle or reproduce opinions you picked up somewhere, rather then sharing your own perspective. So disliking the sound of it, I usually referred to a blog as a "b-log", I don't know why exactly, but the word "log" has something official to it. I also wondered whether I'd have something to say at all, and if people would like to read it. I'm rather positive on the first count, the second is out of my hands. But I think it's best to dismiss those questions, or at least ignore them for the time being, since there is always merit in more information. This blog will (probably) focus on my professional life, so I will shortly clarify what it is I do. I am an Interactive Designer at Endrone (also often referred to as Endrone Games). Interactive Designer is a rather expensive term I feel. It's not as if all I do is make interactive and responsive things, programs or what have you. My tasks are rather broad, going from graphics design and webdesign, game and game graphics design, animation, 3d modelling, logo design and even banner design.
I'm not the ideal jack-of-all-trades though, since I'm not an expert on all these things, but that luckily and hopefully grants me to be a master in at least a few of them.

So, a blog, it's also a way of dealing with our mute voice we seem to have in this society. And though not a lot of people on average seem to scream out loud for other average people to hear it, and bloggers are screaming en masse, so maybe even there, we are mute in the white noise of opinions, thoughts and conversations among other bloggers. Opinions are everywhere, they are fired like artillery barrages all over the internet, on sites like Youtube, forums, gaming sites, social networks and news sites we frequent every day. But scream we must, and inform, and teach and share. Though I must admit, the teaching part seems a lot like a job and not so much like the therapy I think I need.

Such expensive words, therapy, teaching, conversations... Chances are this will ultimately become a blog about me monologue-ing about games, obsessively and single-mindedly. But it is my firm belief that everything, including games which are one of my interests (and job even), are products of the time and culture they were made in. Some offer in some way, a subtle snapshot of the mindset, fears, expectations and morality of the times. It's the same way with books, television shows, movies, contemporary art, etc. So, the challenge will be to link games, but not just that, to stuff like art, science, politics, learning, philosophy and people. And give my own "professional perspective" on them, in a way I hope will be helpful and interesting. Easy, right?

I thought so...

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